What’s in a name.

I was writing my blog and I was struggling with the name of token.  I mean every day I say DIGIPASS or token, but I realized that most of my readers have no idea what a DIGIPASS is (unless they have talked to me).  So I started calling them Authenticator’s.  Everyone in the gaming space knows this name now, thanks to Blizzard.  But I still get the random person that only knows the token device as an RSA SecurID (…”that we used way back in the day at some obscure high security government job…” I love those stories).  So I thought I’d put together a quick post on all of the names I have heard so far for one of these simple little devices:

  • Token (I remember when I first started at VASCO and people thought I was talking about token ring networks).
  • One Time Password device
  • Password Generation Device
  • RSA SecurID
  • Security Token
  • Security Dongle (shouldn’t this be something you plug into your pc?)
  • Security FOB (or just FOB, which sounds like you have something stuck in your throat)
  • Two-factor Authentication Device
  • Blizzard Authenticator
  • ….and probably more…

Me personally, I’ll probably stick with Authenticator or token or DIGIPASS (if you’re a customer).  I remember getting the email with the logo for the new Blizzard “Authenticators” (internally we were pushing for “Security Assistant”, Authenticator is so much sexier, hence why I am not in marketing…lol).  So pretty much after that day, they will always be known as Authenticators to me.


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