Welcome to Gaming Security …And things like that. 

My name is Will LaSala and I have been working on computers since 1988 when my parents got a brand new Apple IIc…I still remember my first game on it, Dig Dug (great game).  Over the years, computers have become a major factor in my life (as in just about everyone’s life at this point), and gaming has been a major life style for me.  In 1992 I was frequenting my local BBS to play my MUD, in 1998 I started testing Everquest, in  2003 I had moved on to World of Warcraft and today I’m an avid play of Wizard 101 with my 2 boys.  I’ve played many games in between all of these, and drank many beers.  This blog is an attempt to capture some of my notes in the industry and have an active discussion on these topics.  Some days are better than others so check back at least once a week.

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